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About me

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My name is Federico and I am a freelance professional photographer.

I have always been fascinated by the photography that I have always understood as the art capable of storing an unrepeatable moment of our life and making it relive by repeating it indefinitely over time.

I started taking pictures at the age of 14 with an old film Nikon camera.

After some basic photography courses and some more advanced courses, both in photography and post-production digital, I learned to photograph on the field experimenting continuously in different situations, first in as amateurs, then in a professional mode.

Since some years I collaborating with some photographic studios, for the realization of wedding services and Motorsport photography events on tracks.

I have also made photographic services even in numerous events in different areas like food, launch of some prodouct or medical meetings.

I collaborate and publish my photos on different websites in  Motorsport.

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